'No longer God's waiting room': Florida has more jobs than New York for the first time ever — here's why the trend of Americans fleeing south isn't slowing anytime soon


Florida is no longer just for grandparents and retirees, according to a new report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, it recently beat New York as the most jobs of any state — a first since the Bureau began to report these numbers in 1982.

The Sunshine State ended last year with 9,578,500 non-farming industry jobs, compared to 9,576,100 in the Empire State.

While the gap has been closing for a while, it takes some digging to understand why. It’s not as though an obvious guess — pre-retirees riding the pandemic to move south — is a top reason.

“Florida is no longer God’s waiting room,” said Craig Studnicky, chief executive officer of ISG World, a real estate firm that specializes in South Florida luxury residential developments.

“We’re attracting businesses and young people to come from all over the country because of our low taxes and warm weather.”


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