The AI Job That Pays Up to $335K—and You Don't Need a Computer Engineering Background


A new kind of AI job is emerging—and it pays six-figure salaries and doesn’t require a degree in computer engineering, or even advanced coding skills.

With the rise in generative artificial intelligence, a host of companies are now looking to hire “prompt engineers” who are tasked with training the emerging crop of AI tools to deliver more accurate and relevant responses to the questions real people are likely to pose.

What does a prompt engineer do?

Anna Bernstein, a 29-year-old prompt engineer at generative AI firm in New York, is one of the few people already working in this new field. Her role involves writing text-based prompts that she feeds into the back end of AI tools so they can do things such as generate a blog post or sales email with the proper tone and accurate information. She doesn’t need to write any technical code to do this; instead, she types instructions to the AI model to help refine responses.



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