89% of Workers Want To Work Remote—And They’re Willing To Switch Jobs To Do It



Based on the fight to return-to-offie, it's easy to assume People really prefer to work from home. A new study Bankrate overwhelmingly supports remote work supremacy.

An overwhelming majority (89 percent) of the U.S. adult workforce want afour-day workweek, remote work and/or hybrid work, the study shows. They are even willing to switch jobs to get all of these things.

"Whether currently working or aspiring to work, now that people have seen or experienced changes forced by the pandemic, there’s no putting that proverbial genie back in the bottle," Mark Hamrich, a Bankrate financial analyst said in a statement. "At the same time, employers must adapt to these shifts while striving for success and greater productivity. Otherwise, many of their employees are going to seek work elsewhere."



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