Majoring in computer science isn't the road to the promised land of money and job security after all


  • Many computer-science majors say job hunting has become tougher after layoffs hit the industry.
  • Ben Leong, a Singaporean computer-science professor, said getting a job was never easy.
  • "The fact is that it's a hard job, and getting a degree doesn't mean you get a job," he said.

Joel Wong remembers looking through the graduate-employment survey by Singapore's education ministry six years ago. At the time, he was in junior college, the equivalent of the last two years of high school in the US. The survey, which is done on an annual basis, provides the employment rate and average salaries for different college majors in Singapore.

He chose computer science.

Wong, 24, is now in his senior year at the National University of Singapore. He told Insider he picked his major because he was interested in technology — and also because of the industry's salaries.




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