Workers are 'rage quitting' their jobs as a tightening labor market forces employers to take note of unfavorable conditions ...


  • The waning days of the pandemic have prompted plenty of work-related reflection.
  • The result is a pent-up feeling that's prompting some to walk off jobs in frustration.
  • But is the advent of "rage quitting" really a positive thing for employees? Experts aren't sure.
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Kendra wasn't usually one to get mad, especially not on the job. She'd joined Dollar General in 2019, as a longtime homemaker hoping for a change of pace. She loved chatting with the regulars who filed into her small-town location. She was meticulous about all the little tasks that went into keeping the store clean, organized, and running smoothly. Kendra had even worked her way up to the role of key-holder, the store employee responsible for opening and closing.

ut then came the pandemic, and Kendra began to watch the stress start to "roll downhill." The headwaters of the strain seemed to be visits, announcements, or corrections from regional and district management. The negativity seemed to submerge Kendra's store manager, who became overwhelmed and less communicative toward her team. Soon, Kendra herself would find herself drowning in an increasingly fraught work environment.


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