Researcher works for diversity and inclusion in sciences, one journal at a time


A University of Rhode Island researcher and colleagues who study invasive species have published a series of articles in the journal Biological Invasions aimed at identifying and addressing concerns about diversity, equity and inclusion in the journal, which they believe will lead to a better understanding of invasive species around the world.

Laura Meyerson, URI professor of natural resources science and deputy editor-in-chief of Biological Invasions, led a survey of the journal's editorial board, authors and reviewers to "define who we are and where we're located," she said.

They found that the board was "overwhelmingly American, overwhelmingly white, and with more men than women," Meyerson said. "And most of our papers were published by Americans and Europeans, though there were many from New Zealand as well. English-speaking countries dominated."

The self-study of the journal's diversity was inspired by discussions among many researchers in recent years about diversity and inclusion in the sciences. Meyerson hopes that this effort will inspire other journals in other disciplines to follow suit.


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