People Are Sharing Their Jobs And Exact Salaries, And It's Super Eye-Opening


Last week, I wrote a post about people sharing their job titles and exact salaries. I love the transparency of it all, and so did our BuzzFeed Community. Commenters came through and shared their own jobs and salaries.

So...here's what people said:

1.Travel Nurse:

"I make $120 to $150/hr. When I was a staff nurse, my pay was $35 to $38/hr.


2.Heavy Haul Truck Driver:

"I haul wind turbines, aircraft wings, engines. I made $847,689.23 so far this year. After taxes, fuel permits, and escorts, this year I take home $326,000 more or less."


3.Change Management Consultant:

"3+ yrs of relevant but not exact prior experience at Big Four firm: $75,000."


4.Clinical Counselor at an Immigration Shelter:

"I'm making about $57,000 a year, but currently have hazard pay, so I'm at 67,000 at the moment."



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